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NEEWER 22inch/55cm Parabolic Softbox Quick Set up Quick Folding, with Diffusers/Honeycomb Grid/Bag,

$ 96.90

About this item

  • Hexadecagon Parabolic Softbox This deep, parabolic softbox features a smooth, even silver internal coating that broadens and diffuses the output while retaining the neutral color rendering index (CRI) and temperature, spreading light more evenly and widely to improve shooting results. Two layers of diffusers can be attached via touch fasteners to soften harsh glare and eliminate unwanted shadows

  • Quick Release & Quick Fold Structure 16 highly resilient ribs give this softbox incomparable durability and an impeccable parabolic shape that can withstand tens of thousands of presses without deformation for years of use. The quick release design allows you to set the softbox up in less than 15 seconds without any tool. Foldable and merely 2.5lb (1.14kg) in weight, the softbox is easy to store and transport inside the included carrying bag

  • Customizable Honeycomb Grid & Diffusers Using the honeycomb grid can make the light shape more confined and directional, allowing the beam angle to be concentrated at 45°, which gives photographers a dramatic and expressive light effect to define their model's facial structure. The 2 pieces of high quality diffusers can be freely combined in use

  • Attach Via Bowens Mount Connecting via Bowens mount, the softbox is compatible with Aputure 120d Godox sl60w NEEWER CB150, CB100, CB60, RGB CB60, SL-70W, S101-300W PRO, S101-400W PRO, Vision 4, Vision 5, and other studio strobe lights and continuous LED video lights with bowens mount

  • Bag with Grid Pocket for Easier Storage Designed for portraits, product photography, beauty & fashion shoots, weddings, corporate headshots, and other photography styles. Collapsible for ease of storage, the large carrying bag keeps the softbox portable for outdoor use with an inner mesh pocket to store the grid.

NEEWER 22inch/55cm Parabolic Softbox Quick Set up Quick Folding, with Diffusers/Honeycomb Grid/Bag, Compatible with Aputure 120d Light Dome Godox sl60w NEEWER RGB CB60 and Other Bowens Mount Lights

$ 96.90



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