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Black Magic Design DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel incl. License Code

$ 2,258.74

About this item

  • Grading control panel for primary color correction.

  • Ideal for editors and colorists who alternate between editing and color grading

  • Two 5" LCD color screens for display and control of menus and parameters

  • Dedicated buttons for switching tool categories

  • Eight multifunction buttons and eight multifunction sliders

  • Special tools for targeted tinting and color value ranges for luminance and chrominance

  • Three high-resolution weighted trackballs

  • 12 precision-machined sliders

  • Buttons for switching between the Log and Primary wheels and for accessing the Full Screen view

  • Two buttons to switch between "Log" and "Offset" color correction modes

  • A "Viewer" button switches to the full screen view with the DaVinci Resolves

  • The Y Lift, Y Gamma and Y Gain sliders are used for luminance adjustments

  • The Luminance sliders adjust brightness without affecting color saturation

  • The Contrast slider varies the tonal differences between light and dark areas of the image

  • The Pivot slider refines the adjusted contrast in the tonal center

  • The "Midtone Detail" slider defines the perceived sharpness of the image

  • The "Color Boost" gives the colors a higher saturation

  • The "Shadows" and "Highlights" sliders can be used to brighten or darken the drawing in the shadows

  • DaVinci Resolve Studio software included (Activation Code)

Black Magic Design DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel incl. License Code




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